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What To Do After A Home Fire-HappyChances are you have just experienced a life changing event… a house significantly damaged by water is a serious event that can have an equally serious impact on yourself and your family / loved ones.

There are a few things that are of an immediate nature once you have suffered from severe water damage, they are:


  1. Get out safely! This is of the utmost importance. This also includes not entering the structure until it has been properly secured.
  2. Securing the property so that it does not pose a threat/danger to anyone entering the structure.
  3. Retrieving your valuable belongings. This can be family heirloom jewelry, birth certificates and passports. Important information that is hard to replace.
  4. Finding an adjuster to help you through the process of determining the damage to your home and what it is going to take to restore your life back to normal.
  5. Working with the insurance companies to make sure that you are properly represented and that all your needs are met.
  6. Interview and locate a Water Damage restoration company that is suited to take care of your immediate needs for securing the property and also getting it liveable again.
  7. Getting the repairs done to your home so you can get back to “living” instead of dealing with a water damaged home.

This sounds like a lot to “deal with” but rest assured you are not alone in this process…

San Antonio Water Damage Restoration

San Antonio Water Damage Restoration

We have helped countless families reconstruct their lives, holding their hand along the way and making the recovery process from this horrible incident be over with as soon as possible.

There are several things you can do right now to get started on the road to recovery from this… the first one is to download our 100% complimentary guide to “Water Damage Recovery”.

This free report is stuffed to the gills with great information that you can take action on right now… plus it will be a great resource as you move through this process. We have you covered every single step of the way!

We even have put together the absolute best resources for you to tap into. From finding an independent adjuster, getting your house properly secured (making it safe is paramount!!) to the best choices in water damage restoration companies.

They are all a phone call away – don’t worry, we include phone numbers along with all of our recommendations inside this invaluable report.